Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Old-Fashioned Strawberry Jam Recipe

Although I really loved the raspberry jam that I made the other day, my family is more a strawberry jam family. I used the same techniques and recipe as with the raspberry jam recipe, substituting the fruit (of course!), adding less sugar and an extra tablespoon of lemon juice to compensate for the sweetness of the strawberries. After buying the strawberries I waited a little too long to make the jam and had to throw some out. Also my son helped his self to the container on several occasions. :) So when it came time to add the sugar I put a little in at a time until it reached the sweetness I was looking for because I didn't really how many ounces strawberries I had left. I am going to continue to use that method instead of just measuring out sugar since each batch of fruit has its own unique level of sweetness. I can't stand when jam is super sweet.


32 ounces of fresh strawberries (minus a handful or two)
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
1/2 tablespoon of butter (to prevent frothing)
About 1 cup of warmed granulated sugar.
You also need a potato masher for this recipe

Yields 16 ounces of jam.

Time: 5 minutes prep and 15 minutes cook time.


Pour sugar on baking sheet and place in oven at 250 degrees f to warm (warm sugar dissolves easier).

Clean and remove tops of strawberries and place in a large pot. Turn on high heat and bring to a hard boil for 1 minute, mashing constantly. Remove from heat and add butter, lemon juice. Add sugar until it reaches desired sweetness. 

Return to high heat and boil for 5-6 minutes, stirring constantly.
 You know it's done when mixture reaches the consistency of honey.

Store jam in a sterile container, wait for it to cool completely, seal and refrigerate. 

Once you see how easy and tasty this jam is, you will never want to have store bought again!

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